Universitair Ziekenhuis Brussel
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Support the UZ Brussel

The health care sector’s financial needs are increasing while the available public resources are decreasing. A university hospital is structurally underfunded and needs to locate alternative financing. This applies all the more to a university hospital because it has a duty to provide training and carry out research, as well as providing health care. This why the UZ Brussel decided to professionalise its fundraising policy in 2012. The UZ Brussel’s response included “Friends for Life”.

Become a Friend for Life and support the UZ Brussel

The aim of Friends for Life is to save or improve the lives of our patients. Like us, they believe that everyone is entitled to a healthy, happy and high quality life. As a Friend for Life, you ensure that we:

  • Can continue vital academic research in areas such as cardiovascular disease, fertility, etc.
  • Can create the space to better assist our patients in their recovery process.
  • Can ensure that high-tech health care is accessible to everyone.

As a Friend for Life, you invest in the future of health care—in your own future and that of your loved ones.

There are several ways in which you can do this at www.vriendvoorhetleven.be

  • By way of a gift. This can be done easily and safely for the project, doctor or department of your choice or to the hospital as a whole.
  • With a monthly or annual donation by direct debit you offer greater financial security to the UZ Brussel. This gives doctors and researchers more guarantees for the vital work that they do.
  • As a patron or corporate sponsor.
  • By organising an activity or holding an event for the hospital’s benefit on your own or as part of a group.
  • By including the UZ Brussel or any of its departments in your will.

Whichever way you choose, your help is more than welcome! Thanks to you, we can offer more help.
Thank you in advance!